Spring . . . my personal favorite season of the year. All the green, warm sunshine, the growing garden, harvesting produce, new life born here on our farm, and so much more. It has been a busy spring for us, and here is a glimpse into some of what I have been enjoying . . . .

Niobrara Farms Vegetable Garden

Our growing garden with the potatoes freshly hilled – that was a lot of dirt to move! And hopefully it will result in a bountiful potato crop.

One of our favorite spring and summer activities is the vegetable garden . . . tending it, harvesting, enjoying the fresh produce, and preserving. So far, we’ve been enjoying fresh garden salads, and zucchini and beets will be ready before long, too. The tomatoes are just beginning to come on the vines, and if they do well, we’ll have a busy time this summer canning them all!

Niobrara Farms Rose

A rose bud nearly ready to break into bloom. Who else loves roses? After wanting a bush for so long, I finally planted one this year!

Niobrara Farms Barn

One of our barns

When Niobrara Farms Bath and Body was first begun, we raised our own dairy goats, though currently the milk used in the soaps comes from a friend who lives a few minutes from us. Like we had raised, she has French Alpines and a few other breeds as well. It’s always fun to go pick up more milk and see her goats!

Though while we no longer have a dairy breed ourselves, we do raise a meat/show breed called Boers. Kidding season is always much looked forward to every year, as the births themselves, the kids’ first gasp for air, the first bleat, are amazing to see, but most of all, goat kids are just so much fun! This year, we had one easy kidding (always so nice!) and one difficult one, yet thankfully, all four kids are doing very well. The last two years have been mostly bucklings born, so we were glad to have three doelings this time! And one lone buckling. : )

Niobrara Farms Boer Goat Primrose

Primrose – little miss mischievous

Niobrara Farms Boer Goat Prairie

Prairie – love her sweet face!

In the midst of farm life, making goat milk soap and other products fills each week as well. In addition to continually restocking the current 14 soap varieties, it has also been fun to develop two new varieties recently. One is Activated Charcoal which has been well received at the Farmers Market (and will be coming soon to my store), and the other is Cedarwood . . . .

Niobrara Farms Cedarwood Soap

It smells just like its name – fresh cut cedarwood. It is curing now and will also be coming soon!

And there you have a glimpse into springtime on our farm!


  • Nathana Clay Posted June 25, 2016 5:03 pm

    Lovely! 🙂 The cedarwood scent sounds wonderful! I have always wanted a rose bush too. Now that we just bought our first house, I feel like I can plant one!

    • Niobrara Farms Bath and Body Posted June 27, 2016 2:39 pm

      Thank you, Nathana! Congrats on your first home purchase! I am sure that is exciting for you all. A rose bush would be lovely to plant at your new home. They are beautiful and the flowers so cheering!

      It was nice meeting you and visiting a bit at the farmers market on Saturday!

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